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Walgreens Fun October 30, 2009

Filed under: Funny,Random — Maggie @ 9:21 pm

So, I was feeling a lot of pressure to make my first post on this new blog something memorable. I was conflicted. Should I reflect on the past 2 months since Dave and I moved from Louisville? Or perhaps write a review of a recent devotional book? Or maybe I should describe the journey we’ve been on since our call to come plant a church in Pearland.


Well, I opted for something silly instead. And the pressure was lifted! So, here goes for a fun little bit of silliness. This one definitely falls in the “random stuff that crosses our minds” category. Serious posts will follow…eventually…I promise.


So, I was in Walgreens (hence, the title of this post) last week with Shepherd, my 6 month-old son.  We were getting some pictures developed and doing a little perusing while waiting. As we strolled along in the candy isle, I noticed a woman pick up not one, but two packages of Necco Wafers. That’s right, those chalky circular disks they call “candy.” Eww. Dave and I always joke about the fact that we have never actually known anyone to like Necco Wafers. No longer is this the case. I witnessed this woman buy two packs of these and I am quite confident that she immediately cracked one of them open in her car and dug right in. How can you be so confident, you ask. Well, the only thing she purchased in Walgreens was these two packs of Necco Wafers, and we all know that whenever you come into a drug store just for candy, you immediately proceed to eat the candy in your car. Or sneak it into a movie theater (if your conscience allows, of course – obviously mine does).


For the record, I would rather pay $9 for a box of Sno-caps at the movie theater than eat one free pack of Necco Wafers.


Okay, back to Walgreens…all the while that I was witnessing the Necco Wafer lady making history, I was listening to Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” I was getting “rickrolled” if you will.  It was the perfect combination of oddity (the lady buying Necco Wafers) and hilarity (anytime this song comes on it is hilarious – period).


I tried to explain the humor of the situation to Shepherd, but he just sort of looked at me and then looked back at the toy he was holding and proceeded to cram it into his mouth. One day you will understand, my son, one day.


I think I’ll be frequenting this Walgreens on a regular basis. Who knows what other fun things await me!


Here goes nothing… October 27, 2009

Filed under: Welcome — Sarah @ 2:48 am

This blog has been a long time coming. We have been talking about it for a long time. It’s funny how long it takes for four women to even pick out a blog name, much less actually set it up and write a first post. But we did it, finally. We wanted to start a blog to chronicle the adventure God has called us to. We are all church planters’s wives. God placed a call on the hearts of our husbands and our hearts to see His church and His gospel moved forward and change lives in Pearland, Texas. So here we are, by God’s grace, planting Covenant Community Church.

What can you expect from this blog?

  • Updates on what’s happening in the life of our new church
  • Funny anecdotes about our cute and creative kids who really do say the darndest things
  • Pictures of our families and updates
  • Stories and musings that we hope will be an encouragement to one another and other ministry wives
  • Book reviews – some fun, some serious
  • Random stuff that crosses our minds