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Sick Baby Part 2 November 26, 2009

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Joy called a couple days into Eliza’s illness. We kind of chatted about this and that, housekeeping stuff about our ladies book study, Thanksgiving travel plans, whatever. She kept going back to Eliza, and I soon just started crying and telling her how sad I was to see Eliza like this, how I felt like a bad mom, etc. She was kind, gentle and sympathetic, asked some “experienced mom” questions about taking care of a sick baby, affirmed how hard it is to deal with an ill child, then said, “Well, let me pray.”


She asked God to heal Eliza’s body, grant her restful sleep for recovery, comfort from the pain, etc. Then her prayer turned to me. She asked God to remind me of his sovereignty in the midst of this illness, that he would grow me and change me through this trial and that I would be aware of his hand at work through it all.


This is exactly what I needed to hear. I realized I had made this trial all about me- what I was or was not doing to care for my daughter and how sad I was about her being sick. I had not even considered what God was doing through the illness or what he wanted me to learn. After God mercifully, through the prayer of a friend, turned my thoughts away from myself and onto him, he brought to mind many truths from his word for me to meditate upon.  I’ll share one with you.


“For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (Romans 8:19-20).  Our world is broken- from my daughter’s relatively mild childhood disease to all the deformities, decay, death, calamity, tragedy that surround us, we are constantly reminded that our world is not as it should be. 


Why is this? Sin. This goes back to Genesis and the garden. Do you remember the punishment God gave Adam and Eve  for their sin? He cursed Adam’s body with sweat and the ground with thorns — his body would have to labor with difficulty to bring forth food from the ground. He cursed Eve with greater pain in childbirth. Notice that God cursed Adam and Eve with physical pain even though their sin was a moral problem. Physical suffering and turmoil, then, must be a signpost for how horrible sin is.


I know that I am not emotionally outraged at my own sin- I rarely hate or respond in any kind of emotional upheaval when I sin. In contrast, as I learned during Eliza’s illness, I am an emotional wreck when confronted with physical pain or disease, especially my child’s. God taught me that as much as I hate my daughter being sick, as sad as I was to see her ill, I should be even more quick to hate and be even more greatly saddened at my own sin. Yes, Lord, let this be true in my heart. Praise God for the faithful words and prayers of a friend and for truth from his Word to inform my circumstances. God is good.


**John Piper’s sermon “Where is God?” from has been incredibly helpful for me in developing a biblical framework for trial and suffering**


Sick baby Part 1 November 24, 2009

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As any mother will tell you, having a sick baby is no fun. I found out exactly how not fun sick babies are this past week. Eliza had her first “real” illness (that is, something other than the obligatory runny baby nose), a nasty little virus called hand/foot/mouth disease. Now, on one hand, it is nothing short of miraculous and a sign of God’s great mercy on our family that Eliza made it to a year old without having an illness like this. I do genuinely thank God for her amazing health. On the other hand, the fact that she made it a year without illness did not make her first bout with illness any easier do deal with.


I found myself so sad for my precious baby girl.  She is naturally so happy and smiley, and she would try to muster up that beautiful smile just to dissolve in tears the next second. She would just cry and cry and look at me like, “Something’s wrong, Mommy, fix it.” Of course, as I found out and much to my dismay, when dealing with a viral illness, there is nothing to be done to “fix it” – it’s a matter of giving motrin/tylenol on a schedule to try to relieve the symptoms, trying to give lots of cuddles for comfort, and in Eliza’s case, watching a lot of Baby Einstien for distraction.


I felt so helpless. I wanted to do more to help my baby girl feel better, yet there was nothing more I could do.  I wanted to fix it, make it right, make her well, but it was not within my power to do so. Without realizing it, this line of thinking led me into a swirling vortex of self-pity and unbelief. “I’m a bad mom.” “Why can’t I help my baby?” “Why isn’t she getting better?” “I can’t even get her to eat anything but popsicles, what kind of diet is that for a sick baby?” Fortunately, God, in his abounding mercy and grace, did not see fit to leave me there for long….


Glimpse November 4, 2009

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My son is a crazy kid.  I love him so much.  He is high energy and his emotions often control him.   My husband and I often need to correct him (as with any child, I suppose).  After we correct him, he usually seems unfazed by it, seldom remorseful.

However, this week we got to see a little fruit from our seemingly endless efforts.  Reid had done something that we’ve told him over and over that he is not to do.  Daniel calmly corrected him which only took a few minutes then Reid was back to playing as usual.  Several minutes passed and we sat down to dinner.  Suddenly, Reid burst into tears and says “Daddy, I forgive you.”  (In his mind this meant “I’m sorry”).  Daniel hugged him and reminded him that it was over.  He had forgiven him earlier so there was no need to cry about it anymore.

It was such a great moment…a little glimpse of fruit in my son’s life and a wonderful reminder that we, too, have a heavenly father who looks upon our sin no more.