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Happy Birthday, Peach! January 9, 2010

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OK, I know I said I was going to blog about community and here I am writing about a birthday, but this is a special occasion. Daniel and Joy’s precious “baby” Annelise turned two this past Saturday! Plus, loving on each other’s kids is part of community, so there, how’s that for a tie-in?

One of my favorite things about my birthday growing up was that my parents would always tell me the story of my birth. Every year, I would hear again about when my mom felt the first contractions, how they got to the hospital and I was finally born at 1-2-3-4 in the afternoon (12:34pm), etc.

So, it’s no surprise that on Annelise’s birthday all I could think about was my memories from the day sweet Peach was born. And I thought I’d share. Annelise was due on January 19th, but well before Christmas, Joy was quite miserable and ready for her to come out. Tim and I were traveling to Texas for the holidays, and I kept talking to Annelise (in utero) about how I needed her to wait until Uncle Tim and Aunt Sarah got back from Texas before she came out. Joy, of course, would give me the evil eye every time I said this, as well she should have; it was a 100% selfish request.

Well, Christmas came and went, and Tim and I were making the 16-hour drive back to Louisville on New Year’s Day. I called Joy when we got north of Nashville (about 3 hours from Louisville), and I told her to tell Annelise that Aunt Sarah was almost home, and she could start making her way out into the world if she wanted to. It was probably about 9pm. Well, Tim and I rolled into freezing Louisville just before midnight, exhausted from the drive and fell into bed.

About 12:30am (so we has been asleep maybe half an hour), Tim’s phone rings. It was Daniel. Joy was having contractions, and they needed us to come over and stay with Reid. CRAZY! I leaped out of bed with as much energy as if I had slept 10 hours. Tim… not so much. Let’s just say I had to encourage him quite a bit; he was moving slowly.

Eventually, we got to Daniel and Joy’s. Daniel had the bag; they were ready to go. A couple brief instructions, promising they’d call with an update, and off they went. I was so excited I could barely get back to sleep. They called about 4am and said the doc had admitted them, and they were definitely having a baby that day. YAY!

Here’s where it gets a little weird. We never heard anything else. Reid woke up at his normal time. We fed him breakfast, played, Tim had to go to work, I followed his schedule all day with meals, snacks and naps, we had a really great time. People from our community group would call and ask me what was going on with the birth, and I had NO IDEA. It wasn’t until much later that I found out she was born at 3:14pm, was 7lbs and 12oz (which considering she was 3 weeks early is really something), had red hair, fair skin and blue eyes (what the heck?). I also found out later that Annelise had some problems- she wound up in the NICU for breathing problems and being treated with antibiotics. Again, I was completely clueless while it was all going on.

Looking back, I guess it’s funny that my memories from Annelise’s birth-day are mostly memories of taking care of Reid- things like laughing when I saw him stuff all his carrots in his mouth at once after I told him he could have some raisins once he finished his carrots, bundling Reid up and taking him to my apartment so we could walk the dogs, splashing and playing with him at bath time, calling a friend who lived in the same complex as Daniel and Joy to pick up some overnight diapers because I didn’t realize we were out until right before Reid’s bed time, arranging to get keys to Joy’s parents when they arrived so they could go see Annelise, etc.

I don’t have any memories of passing around a newly born Annelise, being shocked at her red hair and fair complexion, marveling at her tiny hands and feet, looking at her through the nursery window, seeing Joy in the aftermath of birth and being astonished at what she had just accomplished. But that’s OK. All that would come the next day, when Joy’s folks took over Reid duty and I was able to get up to the hospital to see the newest Davis. On Peach’s birth-day, I was right where I should have been, right where I wanted to be, taking care of Reid so that Daniel and Joy could focus on the joyous task of bringing their newest little one into the world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birthday, precious Peach. Thanks for listening to Aunt Sarah and waiting until January 2nd to make your debut. I would have hated to miss it. I love you so much, and I am so thankful you are a part of my life.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Peach!”

  1. dcjrdavis Says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this…I can’t wait to show it to her when she’s older. I love the way you guys love our kids. BTW, I didn’t know about Reid and his carrots. Sounds about right!

  2. […] have stated elsewhere that I really love birthdays because they are natural time to remember, reflect and refocus. Leading […]

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