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Covenant Update June 2011 June 30, 2011

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June was a good month at Covenant. When our pastors started preaching through Matthew back in December 2010, they explained that since Matthew is so long (28 chapters) and we would probably be working through it for quite some time, they periodically would step out of Matthew for a little bit in order to address a topic they thought was important for the teaching and instruction of our church family. Cool. Sounded like a good plan to me.

What I did not know is that the first time they would take a break from Matthew they would decide to address a topic so near and dear to my heart. The month of June, Covenant heard sermons from two of our pastors, Daniel and Dave, on biblical manhood, biblical womanhood, marriage and divorce. Yeah. Whoa. Heavy stuff. Since I am a pastor’s wife, I sometimes get the inside scoop on what’s coming up, and Tim (my husband) told me about this June sermon series a couple weeks ahead of time. As soon as he did, I was so. stinkin. excited.

You see, hearing my pastors preach on this topic automatically took me back to the first time I heard this topic preached from the pulpit, at our old church in Louisville. It was nearly four years ago, but I remember it so vividly because it rocked my entire world. I had grown up in church my whole life but had NEVER heard anything like what the pastor was preaching. It was a four week sermon series, and I remember walking out of the service each Sunday, absolutely incredulous at what I had just heard. That sermon series started an entire “independent study” for me, in which I devoured countless books, journal articles, blog posts and sermons on the topic of biblical womanhood (and, by extension, biblical manhood, marriage, divorce, parenting, etc.) I just couldn’t get enough. And still today, I love to read, study and discuss that subject. Knowing what God says in His Word about being a woman, and closely related, being a wife and a mother, has completely transformed my life, as I have sought to apply this knowledge with the help of the Holy Spirit and my community.

So, my excitement at knowing this topic would be preached at Covenant was brought about by my own memory of how God had used a similar sermon series to, quite literally, change my life. I immediately began praying for our pastors who were preaching and the people who would hear. I asked God to use the truth from His word that would be preached in this series to stir hearts and change lives, as it had done and continues to do for me. Listening my pastors preach that series made me so thankful. I was so thankful to be part of a church where the pastors are unafraid to speak truth. Biblical masculinity and femininity, biblical marriage and divorce are not popular topics in our culture today. In fact, most of what the Bible has to say about these topics directly contradicts what our culture tells about these topics. As a result, there is confusion even among Christians on what it means to be a man, a woman, married, single, etc. It can also result in a temptation to water down or apologize for what the Bible says is true regarding these things. I was so grateful that our pastors, with great compassion and wisdom, fearlessly proclaimed the Word and taught us well what God says concerning these issues.

This series was also unique in that we stepped out of our normal community group routine to do something different. The week biblical manhood was discussed, the guys went out and girls stayed in. The week biblical womanhood was discussed, the guys and girls switched. The week marriage was discussed, the pastors and wives hosted a “marriage night out” and couples went out to discuss what they learned while their kids were cared for. It was just an awesome way to break up community group and make it tailor to the subjects we were discussing.

Overall, this series was incredibly convicting to me, as God revealed areas of my life as a woman and marriage where I was allowing sin to creep in and sow death. It was eye-opening to see that even though I have studied this topic intensively and therefore ostensibly “know” many of the right answers, it is still possible (and probable, because of my sinful heart) that wicked habits and thoughts can infiltrate my heart and marriage to divide and tear down.  I desperately need the conviction and guidance of the Holy Spirit and the insight and wisdom of my community to help me see these areas and root them out by the power of the gospel. And He continually provides that for me. God is so good.


Covenant Update May 2011 May 31, 2011

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I’m going to pretend it hasn’t been several months since this blog was updated and just change the dates on the posts so that it looks like I actually keep up with things. If you could play along, I’d really appreciate it. Kthanks.

May was a good month for our little church family. Our pastors preached a short sermon series on Mission. These sermons were all from the book of Matthew, which we’ve been working through since December, and it was interesting to see how themes arise as you steadily work through a book of the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter. These sermons were some of the most powerful for me because Mission is something that I really stink at. It’s true. I stink at mission, which is tragic since one of my identities as a believer in Jesus is a missionary (you know, the Great Commission and all that?) As I listened to my pastors preach on Mission, I was convicted, challenged, inspired and equipped to be on mission in the arenas where God has placed me.

The best thing about this sermon series was that it ended with a church-wide challenge: All of the community groups were challenged to throw a block party in their neighborhoods on Memorial Day. **Just as a bit of back story, a block party is something Tim and I have been “meaning to do” since we moved to Pearland. What’s that you say, you  mean you have lived in Pearland two years and never thrown a block party? Yes, sadly, that is exactly what I am saying. Worst. Church Planters. EVER.**

This challenge from our pastors was exactly what we needed to get us moving. We made invitations and went door-to-door handing them out. Going door-to-door was an adventure in and of itself. We learned quickly that we needed to say three things as fast as we could: We are neighbors. We live down the street. We are having a party and we want y’all to come. Until people heard those three things, we got these suspicious what-are-you-selling-or-what-religion-are-you-peddling looks as soon as the door opened. At the same time, it was so fun to see the suspicion melt and the smiles appear once we told people what we were doing. We got a lot of really positive responses. It made us excited for party day.

Party day dawned with perfect weather, and we got to work. We moved all our chairs and tables out to the front yard so that people could just see what was happening from down the street and join in if they wanted. We set up our backyard as kid-central with kiddie pools, slip-n-slide and sprinkler. Some friends from community group showed up with food and to help us get cooking, and the party began… sort of… I mean, no one came… for awhile. We had put on the invitations that the start time was 2pm. So, it’s 2… then 2:15… then 2:30… Then all at once, a family comes strolling down the street, then another, then another. We ended up having a great time visiting and getting to know about 5 different families from our street, people stayed for quite awhile, and it was really fun. I was incredibly thankful for Mark and Charon from our community group who were on food-and-drink duty so that Tim and I could just visit and talk with our neighbors. I was also thankful for the other families from our church who came to mingle and socialize (and help us clean up when it was over!)

Overall, it was a great success and has opened doors for further meals and interactions with our neighbors. What I am most thankful for, though, in the experience was when it was all over and I realized how foolish we had been to put it off for so long. It had seemed like such a massive undertaking and huge time-commitment, and I had used that as an excuse. In reality, it took an evening for passing out invitations, a little-bit-longer weekly trip to the grocery store and an afternoon of opening our home. Quite simple, really. We are so thankful for the challenge to do it and the fruit we have seen from it. If there is one thing church planting has done for me, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone time and time again, only to be given all the tools I needed to survive exactly when I needed them. There’s a word for that. Grace. Thanks be to God.


Happy Birthday, Simon! May 6, 2011

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This month marks the surprising birthday of our baby boy, Simon.   His birth and the craziness surrounding it didn’t make for great writing opportunities.  Here’s his birth (short) story

On May 21st, I’d had some contractions but nothing major.  I slept all night.  Woke up a few times in minor discomfort.  Not a big deal.  The next morning, during the mad breakfast scramble before Daniel headed off for work, I realized that they were coming faster.  Every 7-9 minutes.  I hung out on the couch until about 9:00, but when they were every 5 minutes, we went to the hospital to get checked out.  I was 4 ½ centimeters.  I was 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant, so they/we decided to go on and let him come.  And he did.  Easy labor.  Easy delivery.   Docs and nurses had told us that since I wasn’t a full 36 weeks along, that a neonatologist and pediatrician would be attending his birth.  “Of course, of course,” we said.  It’s standard.  He’ll be fine, of course, though, just a precaution.  Simon Coe entered the world May 22, at 5:00pm. 7 lbs. 1 oz.

We barely saw him before they whisked him away in an incubator.  That first week was dark.  We couldn’t touch him.  For days.  He was 1 week old before I held him.  His lungs were underdeveloped.  Docs told us he just needed time.  I was a wreck…leaving the hospital without my baby and no idea how long he’d be in the hospital.  Seriously, I get shivers just writing this and tear up at the thought.  It still feels too soon to relive those weeks.  I’ll save that for a future post.  Maybe distant future.

May 22nd will always be Simon’s birthday.  May 24th was the day Reid and Annelise met him for the first time. But May 29th will be the first day I held him.  June 9th was the day we brought him home.  June 19th was the day he was taken off the oxygen and the pulse ox.  So many joys during such a hard time.

Simon’s name means “God has heard.”  God heard our prayers and those of our church community and so very many of people who were praying for our baby.  He heard and chose to heal our son.

And now, we celebrate a year.  The first year of a boy who brings so much joy wherever he goes.  The joy he brings to our family just seems impossible.  Our hearts overflow.  He has so many nicknames – Simey, Simoney, CoeCoe, Cocoa Bean, Coconut, Cocoa Krispy, Chubber Bear.  Some from Reid and Annelise. Some not.  I won’t say which

He’s our third child, but I am just amazed at what we’ve learned during his short little life thus far.  Patience.  Endurance.  Um, when I say these things, it does not mean that they were learned easily or with a happy heart every time.  My heart is stubborn.  We’ve learned to slow down.  We’re definitely laid back with Simon.  I feel like I can never have enough Simon hugs or smiles.   He is cherished.  He is loved.   He taught us how to love stronger and faster than we had ever known how to before.  Maybe that’s what trials do.   And maybe the sweet thing is that Simon seems to love that way too.  Maybe he’s learning that from us.

Happy Birthday, Simon Coe.


Happy One Year Birthday, Covenant! February 28, 2011

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Covenant celebrated one year of public services on February 13, 2011. (Our first service was February 14, 2010, so we celebrated a day early). To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty mad at myself for not writing this post earlier. I don’t remember alot about the celebration day itself, but this is what I do remember:

I remember how amazed I was as I sat in service that day, marveling at all God had done in the past year.

I remember praising God for His provision, in so many different areas, from mentoring to resources to meeting space to a worship team. Church plants are so needy. They’re like little babies who can’t do anything by themselves. Our church is growing up, but it’s hard. We need people who have gone before us, to help us learn what to do and share with us what they have done. And God has provided for us abundantly.

I remember praising God for the clear work of the Spirit in the lives of those around me. How I have seen marriages restored, relationships mended, people who were once far from God who are now close to Him. Seeing this work ever so clearly reminds me that what is happening at Covenant truly has nothing to do with us, the pastors, the core team, no one. It is all about God. He is doing this work. He is bringing about change, hope, life, where there was once none. We can’t do that. Only God can. What a blessing to be a part of all He is doing among us.

I remember being astonished at how God has put together just the right people, the right leaders, with the right talents and abilities, at the right moment and given them the desire and heart to serve our church right when there was a need for it. Our church family is so gifted in so many ways, and so many in our church are so willing to share those gifts in service to our body.

Reflecting on God’s past work, His current work and dreaming of His future work in and among the people in our church family and those we have the privilege of loving and influencing makes me truly overwhelmed with gratitude, and causes me to shake my head a bit in disbelief as well, at the way God is able to use messed-up, broken, sinful people to build His kingdom and accomplish His purposes. He doesn’t have to use us. He can do this work any way He wants to. But He invites us in and gives us the chance to be part of the amazing redemption story He is writing in this world, including in our own little corner of Pearland. What sweet grace. Praise the Lord.


Covenant Update Winter 2010-11 February 14, 2011

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Those of you from Texas (and especially Houston) know “winter” is a relative term. Truthfully, referring to any part of the year by the name of the season is relative here in Houston. Our “fall” and “spring” are laughable compared to most places. We do have “summer” down, though. Don’t mess with a Houstonian when it comes to summer. We know summer. Anyway, all that to say, for this post I am using the term “winter” to refer to the last couple of months since I last gave an update. That is all.

November brought yet another first for Covenant. (I don’t know what I’m going to do next year when none of these are “firsts.” For some reason the “first” aspect makes it all seem so much more blog-worthy. But alas, that is a worry for another day). Covenant had its first Community Group Leader Training. This was important because we just sent out our sixth community group at the beginning of January (read more about that here). Tim and I had been community group leaders before at our church in Louisville, so we had attended these types of trainings in the past. I was expecting it to be “just a review.” Not hardly. Our pastor Justin led the training and basically punched us all in the face (and I mean that in the best way) with the vision he put before us for our community groups. Tim and I had a lot of discussing, evaluating, praying, repenting and re-shaping to do as a result. I am so thankful for a God who is gracious to teach and instruct my heart even when I am not expecting it. I am thankful for faithful pastors who prepare instruction in a way that is challenging and convicting yet not condemning.

Also in November, our pastors finished up the sermon series on the book of Psalms. If you’re keeping track, it was the third sermon series preached at our church (Colossians, Core Values, Psalms). Our pastors took us through the book of Psalms for 13 weeks, and preached on a different category of the Psalms each week (wisdom, praise, thanksgiving, cursing, etc.) It was a fantastic series. The series finished up in the middle of November when Tim preached on the final category, Messianic Psalms. This was a great way to end the series (almost like they planned it that way 🙂 because it allowed us to finish our discussion on Psalms by thinking about Jesus, who is the key and the point of the whole story of Scripture. It was also great because it was a wonderful transition in the book of Matthew, the next sermon series.

Appropriately, the sermon series on Matthew began on the first Sunday of Advent. It was so exciting because this was our church’s first chance to celebrate advent together since we started public services. If you don’t know what Advent is, no worries – I didn’t either until a few years ago. If you want a fantastic explanation of advent, go here. Briefly, advent is the portion of the church liturgical calendar that encourages the church to look forward to and long for the birth of Jesus. It begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas and goes until Christmas Day. This year, it fell the Sunday after Thanksgiving, as it often does, and as such, the first sermon on Matthew was that Sunday. It was such a joy to get to celebrate this special season worshipping corporately every Sunday of advent with our church family, altogether remembering and longing for the birth of our Savior.

The first weekend of December brought one of the events I look forward to every year: The Covenant Women’s Gift Exchange. Because Covenant is not a program-driven church, there aren’t many “women’s ministry” events to “go to” in the way most churched people would think of that category. We do, however, have our annual Women’s Gift Exchange. This was our second one. Our first one was last year before we were even holding public services. There were 7 people there last year. This year, there were 27 ladies! Some from our church, some from outside our church. And it is super fun. Picture this: Women only. Yummy food. Delicious drinks. Crafty, cutesy homemade (or, in my case, dollar-store-purchased) gifts. Swapping stories. Laughter. It was so fantastic. A sweet lady in our church opened her home and let us invade for a morning of fellowship, gifts and hearing about Jesus. Excellent.

This Christmas season was our first doing public services, so this brought with it the opportunity to do a Christmas Eve service. How precious it was to sing, hear about, meditate upon and celebrate the birth of Jesus with our church family. Not that this service went off without a hitch. There were many hitches along the way. Holiday travelling and work schedules meant we were short two pastors and all music people (did you get that? ALL music people) for this service. This required some, shall we say, improvising. Thankfully, our lead pastor Daniel is a man of many talents and dusted off his guitar to lead us in worship. Tim preached, there was no childcare, and there was a torrential downpour. And somehow it all came together so that our hearts were turned to Jesus in worship and thanksgiving at his birth.

As is not uncommon, this season brought many opportunities for our church to serve- inside and outside our body. And serve we did. Our church adopted a few families in need from our community and divided up lists to provide toys and clothes for the children in these families. A precious couple in our church took in a young couple with nowhere to go, and slowly our church banded together to share in the work of providing rides, hospitality and hope with these newcomers.

This season, we celebrated the addition of three more Covenant babies (don’t try to keep up, we’ve all lost count). One through childbirth. One through adoption. One through fostering. Wow, just typing that makes me tear up. I am so thankful for the love God has given our church for children- both those who share our genetic codes and those who don’t. Thanks be to God. As always, new babies bring the opportunity to serve, complete with bringing meals, babysitting and passing along hand-me-downs. Oh, the joys of celebrating these new precious new lives.

The new year brought with it a new discipleship track at Covenant. The pastors are taking us (those who signed up) through a teaching program called “Porterbrook.” It’s like a college class in the sense that there are assigned readings each week on four different subjects, and we meet one Saturday a month to learn and discuss how what we are reading applies to our lives. It’s unlike a college class in that there are no grades. Which I appreciate. 🙂 The track is a two-year commitment, and as you read through the material, it builds on itself as you learn more and more about the different subjects. So far, it has been super challenging, and I have learned a lot. I am thankful for pastors who understand the responsibility to teach, equip and train the sheep and provide material with which to do so.

Goodness, there is still so much more to write, but this post is already insanely long, which seems the be the way my posts always go. You would think I would learn from this and just post shorter updates more often… but you’d think wrong.

However, I will post again soon, as I am happy to report that Covenant celebrated one year of public services yesterday!! One. Year. That’s right, one year ago today actually, on Valentine’s Day 2010, Covenant Community Church met to do a public service for the very first time. That definitely merits its own post. I’ll try to get that up soon. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us. God is working. We are so thankful.


Covenant Update Fall 2010 December 26, 2010

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A few Sundays ago, something struck me.

Our church has grown.

Duh. That seems obvious. There are more people coming. Therefore, we are growing. This is not rocket science. But for some reason, the growth has kind of snuck up on me.

I realized it as one of our pastors Dave was making announcements. He was talking about community groups (which is our version of small groups, home groups, life groups or whatever you want to call them). The slide came up on the screen listing all the different community groups available and the nights they are scheduled.

There were six listed. Six. SIX!

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but to me, to us, it’s pretty significant. After all, we started out with three groups. One on the east side. One on the west side. One in the middle. That was January, less than a year ago. Three groups.

Now there are six. In less than a year, God has doubled our number of community groups. Doubled the number of small, mini-families-within-a-family in our church. Doubled the number of people being discipled, loved, cared for, prayed for and supported inside of community. Doubled the amount of sharpening, exhorting, encouraging, rebuking, building up, and strengthening going on in and among our little church family.

Isn’t God kind?

We know this is God’s work. Because apart from him we are selfish, sinful people- alienated from God and from one another. That is our nature. To hide. To focus on ourselves. To insulate ourselves from other people and their problems. To “take care of our own.” To “mind our own business.” Yet God, in his mercy, through the person and work of Jesus Christ, has freed us from sin and selfishness and enabled us to pursue each other in love, because he first pursued us in perfect love. We see evidence of that in how our community groups have grown and multiplied, making more room for more people to experience gospel community. Thanks be to God.

The growth in number and size of community groups is not the only thing we are praising God for around here, either. As active as the summer was for Covenant, the fall proved to be just as interesting. Our pastors preached through the book of Psalms, preaching on one category of Psalms each week, covering Psalms of praise, wisdom, lament, thanksgiving, cursing and more. It was such a powerful sermon series, as the book of Psalms deals with the gamut of human emotion and experience. We are so thankful to have men who are faithful to preach the Word, regardless of how difficult or uncomfortable the subject matter is.

This fall, Covenant had a few “firsts.” We had our first baby dedication and baptism service. This service was so cool because it fell on a Sunday when a thanksgiving Psalm was being preached (imagine that :). And so as Daniel’s sermon reminded us to give thanks to God for all things, we were able to thank him immediately for the precious children he has blessed our church with and the amazing gift of new life in Christ as we celebrated the baptisms of two believers.

The baby dedication service could really more appropriately be called a parent dedication service. Jude was one of the nine children dedicated. We as parents stood before our church family, promising to raise our children in a way that honors the Lord and instructs them in his Word. Our church family, in turn, promised to love, support, encourage, rebuke, care for and love us and our children and walk alongside us in the parenting journey. As our pastor Justin took us through this portion of the service, I was truly overwhelmed with thanksgiving at the blessing of children and also the blessing of community, knowing I can’t and don’t have to do this parenting thing alone.

The baptism portion of the service was great because we moved everyone- adults and kids alike- outside to the parking lot where a horse trough had been set up. That’s right, a horse trough. Filled with freezing cold water from a garden hose, nonetheless. Excellent. Two precious ladies read their testimonies of God’s grace about how He had saved and redeemed their lives. Awesome. I was so grateful to be able to witness this joyful occasion and pray for many more opportunities for Covenant to bust out the horse trough and garden hose.

Covenant also had its second set of membership classes. This time, instead of separating it into three different Saturdays, it was a marathon, all-day class taught in three different sections. This allowed people who had missed a class previously to make-up whichever one they missed and allow those who started coming to Covenant recently to get all their membership classes done in one swoop.

The first membership classes (in the spring) and the second set of membership classes (in the fall) allowed Covenant to do another first: install new members! We had a membership celebration Sunday, asking those who had completed their membership classes and interviews to come forward and sign their names indicating their desire to indentify themselves as members of Covenant Community Church.

I suppose these people would be called “charter members” of Covenant Community Church. This membership celebration service was really cool. Daniel opened the floor to allow people to give testimony about how they had seen God’s hand at work in and through interactions within our church family. Then Daniel brought all of the pastors to the front and read the pastor’s covenant, indicating what the pastors are committing to do in service to the church body. After this, we all read the membership covenant together, indicating what we were committing to as members of this church family. During communion, we were asked to come forward and sign our names on the membership roll. All in all, 27 names were signed. Whoa. A long way from 7 people in the Waden’s living room. God is amazing.

Of course, after all this was over, we partied. Something our church likes to do and does well. We had a catered BBQ lunch after service and a giant cake, and our entire church stayed to fellowship and share a meal. It was so fun to see how many bodies were in one place, eating, talking, laughing, enjoying one another’s company as members of the same family of God.

Our church is growing in mission as well. During the summer, we had our first movie night in an effort to invite and get to know the people in the neighborhoods surrounding our church. Since that first one, we have had two more. Plus, we have moved from hosting them in our church’s meeting space to hosting them at the clubhouse/playground/picnic area of a neighborhood down the road. This has allowed us to meet new people and reach out to an entire community with the love of Christ.

As always, there’s more going on that I could talk about. But I’ll close for now and leave the rest for another update (you know, in about three more months). Thank you to all who are supporting and praying for our church. God is at work in Pearland. We are humbled and grateful to be a part of it.


Happy Birthday, Eliza! December 13, 2010

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Eliza turned two about a month ago. Two. I can’t believe it.

Happy Birthday, sweet Eliza Joy.

Daddy and Mommy are so thankful for you, more thankful than we could ever express in words.

You taught us how to be a daddy and a mommy. Your cries, your squeals, your squawks, your gurgles, your smiles, your giggles and your sighs were our teachers. We didn’t know anything about babies before we had you. We are so thankful we had such a cute, sweet little girl as a teacher.

You have given us more joy than we ever knew was possible. Daddy and Mommy were on our own for a long time. It was “just us,” and we were happy with that. We had no idea what we were missing. Then we had you. And we knew. We can barely remember our lives before you. It seems like you’ve always been with us. We like it that way.

We have watched you grow in amazement. Every milestone you reach is incredible. Every day we think you can’t get any more fun… and then you do. Watching you learn and change and develop has been one of our greatest joys ever. We can’t believe we get to be on the front row seat of that show for the rest of our lives. What a delight.

We love you, sweet girl. Daddy and Mommy love you so much. It’s not possible to tell you how much because words aren’t enough. So we try to show you how much we love you. Every tickle, every hug, every smile, every meal, every prayer, every bath, every discipline, every cuddle, every correction, every book we read, every song we sing, every diaper change, every rebuke, every kiss. We hope it communicates how much we love you. Sometimes, the message comes across loud and clear. Sometimes, because Daddy and Mommy are sinners, the message is muddled and confused. Sometimes, a different message comes across completely. But we keep trying. Because we want to make sure you know you are loved.

More than anything, we want you to know that God loves you. Daddy and Mommy’s love isn’t anything compared to God’s love. Daddy and Mommy mess up at loving you because we are sinners, but God’s love is perfect. You see, God loves us so much that he sent his Son Jesus to die for us. Jesus died. He took the punishment we deserve for our sin. Then, he rose again. Jesus defeated Satan, sin and death. Through faith in Jesus, we can be saved from our sin and freed to follow Jesus with all our hearts.

That is real, perfect love, baby girl. Daddy and Mommy try to show you that kind of sacrificial, radical love, but we fail every day. We keep trying, by God’s grace, praying that God will use our poor example to show you the truth about His real, perfect, amazing, holy love. That is our greatest prayer for you, precious girl, that you will understand God’s love,  your own sin and believe in Jesus for salvation.

Eliza Joy, each day with you is a blessing. Daddy and Mommy are continually amazed that God would be so kind as to give us the privilege of being your parents. The past two years have been more wonderful than we could possibly have imagined. You are so precious to us. We are so grateful to have you in our lives.


Daddy and Mommy